Hello , if you are reading this thank you for taking the time to visit www.peteraaron.co.uk. Here you can find out information on where a am gigging and what projects i am working on. At the moment we a revamping the website so keep your eyes open for some changes. we are hoping to add more text content and more media. So far a blog page has been add for more efficient updates and downloads page so you can have you very own Peter Aaron wallpaper and in the future much more including track and images. please watch this space for new and exciting changes new songs and the up and coming launch of a You Tube channel.

thank for visiting and hope to see you at a gig near you. xPAx :)

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With over 20 years experience, A wide knowledge of music though out time and space. From Solo performances to Disco and karaoke. 14 years broadcast experience, sounds engineering and studio maintenance management.


Phone: 07715439848

Email: peteraaron82@gmail.com

You can catch Peter hosting "NIght Bite" on

NBR (New Brighton Radio)

Every Tuesday

10pm Till 1am 

all  Groovey love 

Tuesday 12am Till 3 (not live)

Thursday 11pm till 2am (not live)

Sundays live 10pm till 1am