I was born on the Wirral in July 1982 and have always had a keen interest in music, I started to develop great interest in audio technology and performing.

From there I started to increase my collection of music and my musical influences started to grow.

For the earlier part of my life my musical interests were catered to by learning how to mix songs at a professional level and my ambition to become a disc jockey. Singing to an audience or performing the latest song I had learnt on my guitar was a couple of my favourite things to do, no matter what the audience was. I began to see the expressive side to music and started to learn to dance to the music I enjoyed.

 At the age of 14 I started GCSE music, playing my guitar and performing became more common place leading me to join the school orchestra, school pop group and practicing with friends in my lunch breaks.


Just after leaving school my passion for performing arts such as dance grew even more and I went on to come third place in British National Country and Western Dance Council (CWDC) championships.

As well as dancing I was singing and performing at local dance venues alongside studying a B tech National Diploma in Popular Music, this covered performing, recording, music history and the entire music industry.

After completing my B tech, I went on to study dance, I was also doing a lot of the audio technical work and remixing music to help fellow students. Outside of college I started teaching dance three times a week as well as learning new material.


Upon completing the AS\A level dance I then went onto a DJ promotion based new deal for musician’s course at LIPA which lead me to a cameo apprenticeship as part of a band management team and recently returned to LIPA where I completed a more performance based course.


These days it is uncommon to find me without a guitar in my hand or belting out a tune over a microphone. Even in my space time, I jam with friends in all different locations including leaning on the car on the beach front, taking over the living room of my home and performing with other artists on an open microphone night.